Earn more from your website – you know people are visiting your site, but do you know what they are doing?

Through our analysis of your website visitors (and how they browse your website), we can help you to optimise your website so that you can earn more money or acquire more leads.

We meet with you to help determine your objectives and then decide on what tracking is required.

Once tracking has been installed, reports can be generated which we can analyze and deliver to you to then help determine the next steps.

This information is invaluable to all business owners wanting to make informed decisions and develop strategies and updates required on their website to help drive profitibility.

Initial Setup

  • Planning meeting & website work to setup tracking – $560+gst

On-Going Monthly Tracking

  • Report Generation and Analytic Insight: $95+gst each
  • Adjustments to website: $60+gst per half hour

Please note: Design changes to website are not included. This tracking package is limited to WordPress websites only.

Contact Us for further information.