Choosing a Domain

Registering your domain name is most likely the single most important thing you can do, atleast as far as your online presence is concerned.

Registering your domain can perhaps be just for brand protection (to prevent others from registering it) and commonly referred to as parking a domain.

There have been many a story where your perfect domain is not available (as someone has already registered it) and perhaps not even using it. They may consider allowing you to take it but most likely and a heavily inflated price.

Our domain registrations all come with FREE DNS Hosting meaning you can have for example;

  • Email Forwarding
  • URL Forwarding
  • MX records
  • TXT records
  • SPF records
  • CNAME records
  • DMARC record

So for example you could forward your domain URL to your Facebook page or your email to your personal GMail email address.

Another good thing to consider when registering your domain is to consider having your most important keyword(s) incorporated in the domain name, this can help you get a better ranking on Google.

An example of this would be say you were a Bookkeeper and operated in Malvern, even though your Business Name may be something entirely different, you may consider registering

Not to say you can not get a great ranking without this strategy, it would just take extra work.

You should not wait to get your domain until you are ready to use it, the best advice is to get it now before someone else does.

Happy for you to make contact with us so we can give you some more tips and things to consider.

With everything in life, it is always better to get some great advice early before making the leap.

For an Australian Business, your best choice is a domain name, you will need an ABN number to register your new domain.

Your domain has to be your business/trading name (or an abreviation/acronym of it) or closely and substantially related to your business or a product or service you sell or provide.

Once you are ready, click on the icon below where you can search for your perfect domain name.

Please choose your domain wisely as there are no refunds available once the domain registration has been proccessed.

We’d love to hear from you!

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