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If you need assistance with your web or email hosting service from Youchoose we are here to help.

Please try our online assitant (Mel) first, you should find her in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser's screen, you can also check our knowledge-base here for some instant help and common questions.

If you need further help please feel free to use the form here.

Our preferred method of support is via the form or alternately you may call us on 03 9811 7070

You can also optionally choose to use our Remote Support facility (see details below) and can select this option on the form.


Youchoose Remote Support, Training & Tuition

If you are an existing client and need help with your web site and or email service, we are here to help.

To get remote support, here is the process;

  1. best to already have your list of questions prepared
  2. fill out the support form on this page
  3. select the 'Remote Support' option
  4. follow instructions to download our preferred remote support interface
  5. once downloaded, double click on the file to install
  6. select 'allow' in all the alert prompts
  7. provide us with number in the 'Your Address' field via the form
  8. complete and submit the form including payment details
  9. once we call you, you can then advise us your Remote Session password
  10. we can then login in to your computer remotely to assist you further


  1. WE WILL NEVER contact you and ask you to fill out this form
  2. DO NOT fill out this form unless you genuinely need assistance
  3. DO NOT provide 'Your Address' by any other means other than via this form (do not provide over the phone)
  4. DO NOT do a 'Remote Support Session' unless you are 100% convinced you are dealing with a YOUCHOOSE employee


If you are having issues with these instructions you can also of course call us on 03 9811 7070 to assist you further;

Note: Remote Session fee is from $50+gst per session (per 30 minutes).

Support Request
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Remote Support/Tuition
Please download and run our preferred remote access tool AnyDesk
- this $55 inc. gst payment is for your first 30 minutes
- we will send you a tax invoice/receipt of your payment
- if session is longer than 30 minutes, you will be invoiced for the additional time
- once support request is received, we will contact you
- our business hours are Mon - Fri, 9AM to 5PM
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