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Here you can book an appointment with us where we can help you with your questions you may have with your WordPress site. We use Zoom as our preferred meeting tool. The Zoom session can be locally recorded on your own computer so you can refer back to it later. The help sessions are booked in 1 hour blocks. You will need to have your WordPress Admin login details. You can Contact Us if you have any questions prior to making the booking.

note: if you are not currently a Youchoose hosting client, you will need to ensure you have a trusted 'account level' backup to restore your site should something unexpected happen. Your current host should be able to help you with this but best to ask them before needing this service from them to make sure you are covered.

'Account level' backups are independent of your WordPress site and are best as some crashes can also crash your WordPress admin area. Backups where you need to login to your WordPress admin area to facilitate the restoration of your site are of little value if your WordPress admin area is not accessible. It is best to speak to your current hosting provider and ask them if they can assist you in the restoration of your site should this need arise. If they do not provide these services (backups and restorations), suggest speaking to one that does.

Here at Youchoose, we provide automated nightly backups for all our hosting clients with a good backup retention schedule. We can restore a hosting client's site for them FREE of charge on request.

WordPress sites can crash even by doing something as simple as a software update yet, to help keep your site safe and secure and free from malicious attacks, you should be doing all your software updates in a timely fashion once they arrive. Please Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to chat about your site's security.

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